Display YouTube/Vine videos in embedded tweets in Android app



I’m having an issue with embedded tweets in my Android app. I’m able to load all tweets using TweetUtils.loadTweet(), and when there’s an image in the tweet, it displays just fine in the TweetView.
However, when there is link to a YouTube or Vine video, all I see is the URL, and not the actual video. On the one hand, I was thinking that maybe it’s impossible to embed videos inside the tweet (contrary to websites, where it appears to be possible). But then I saw that these videos do show in the actual Twitter app, as well as at least one other app (BuzzFeed). Am I missing something? Can I get the videos to show in my app itself, without having to click the link and go to Twitter/YouTube/Vine? Or is this only a website thing, and what BuzzFeed has in the articles is not actual TweetViews but WebViews, thus embedding tweets the website way, not the Android way?


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