Display url shortened link when tweeting from site


I recently migrated to wordpress, and did not want to lose my social count on each post. I had to manually add a Tweet button to each post using my previous domain (davegallant.blogspot.com) as the data url, which redirects to the new domain (brightcube.ca). I tried setting up the Tweet button using a counter url, but it was not displaying my social count properly.



What I would like to do is when someone goes to tweet out a post, they don’t see the original post link. So for example, when the tweet my post “10 Ways Agencies Need to Leverage Social” on my BrightCube.ca blog, it displays a shortened link in the tweet box instead of the below:

Tweet message: BrightCube » 10 Ways Agencies Need to Leverage Social http://davegallant.blogspot.com/2012/05/10-ways-agencies-need-to-leverage.html via @DaveRGallant

I’ve done a bit of searching on how to do this will no luck. Is this possible? And how can I do it with losing my social count?

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