Display tweets depending on query


I am trying to show real time tweets by search query on a web page. I found twitter widget https://twitter.com/settings/widgets which can be used to show tweet for a given string which we have to provide when creating widget. My requirement is that search query will keep on changing in the page so I have to display tweet for that query.

Is it possible using twitter widget? I am not able to find any settings in widget, are there other JS libraries which provide this kind of functionality.


I don’t know much about alternative widgets, but currently with the official widgets you can create on https://twitter.com/settings/widgets, the only way to have a different query per page would be to create a different widget per page. Not a problem if you have 10 pages or less but if you have plenty of them, or the query is dynamic, you will have to find an other way.

You could make your own widgets using the REST and Streaming APIs but that would require quite some work.