Display Requirements: Protected user and showing if a tweet has been retweeted



I just started creating a timeline on a website using the new API and ran across a few questions.

First, if a user’s tweets are protected, is it required to be displayed on the tweet? I cannot find anything relating to this in the Display Requirements or even an image for this in the Image Resources.

Second, if a tweet you personally have posted has been retweeted by another user, is it necessary to display who has retweeted this tweet? I cannot find anything on this matter either in the Display Requirements. To better help clarify this, I mean if others have retweeted your tweets and not this

Retweet Indicator
If the Tweet being displayed is a Retweet, the name of the user who Retweeted it and the Retweet icon must be displayed under the Tweet text. e.g., “Retweeted by Josh Brewer”. The name should link to the the Retweeting user’s profile, unless your application is displaying Tweets on a mobile platform that has clear physical or technical limitations.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you