Display Requirements: Link to Twitter


The latest changes to the display requirements removes the notes regarding how non-web apps may “link to Twitter”, which leaves me with the following options according to the document:

  1. Link directly to the correct twitter.com URL e.g., https://twitter.com/jack/statuses/20
  2. Use Web Intents

The problem here is that we are required to always link @username, #hashtag, and avatar to open them in a web browser or use web intents.

Both options are not always suitable for any non-web apps, and it will significantly degrade user experience, especially for desktop Twitter clients (yes, I know that Twitter does not want us developing traditional clients). Linking every Twitter related resources to web is counter-intuitive in the context, and simply inconvenient for users.

Linking to view inside the app is desirable for the following list of links:

  • Links in timeline (all @username, #hashtag, and avatar)
  • Links in individual tweet (@username and #hashtag in tweet text and bio)

Following list of links should still be linked to the web:

  • Link to the tweet’s owner in individual tweet
  • Link to the tweet itself in both timeline and individual tweet

The older document has explained that it is OK to link @username to in-app profile view, but I can no longer find the note in the latest document.

Please clarify whether it is still OK to link @username and avatar to in-app profile view, and show #hashtag search result in app for certain links.


Hi @aki,

The language around linking to internal representations of users and hashtags was inadvertently missing from [node:142]. We’ve updated this language to clarify that internal representations that still link to twitter.com’s representations are allowed.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.




i want guidance, support, change or encoding my URL


I have trouble with twitter? what do I do?


Me too…I just don’t have enough idea on how to it so…