Display many tweets on a web page


I’ve built a webpage app that brings back many tweet urls from my clients across multiple twitter accounts

I’m trying to display the tweets on a single web php page but at the moment its just display the tweet url and not the embed tweet.

I’ve tried blockquote html but I think i need help with the oembed url

Can someone help please?



An embedded Tweet contains two parts: the <blockquote> content and Twitter’s widgets JavaScript.

If you are displaying multiple Tweets on a page you may load Twitter’s widgets JavaScript once through your site template.

You may request the <blockquote> content through Twitter’s oEmbed endpoint, passing the URL of the Tweet you would like to display. Set a the query parameter omit_script=1 to remove the script element from the response if you have already loaded Twitter’s widgets JavaScript through your template.


Thanks Niall I’ll give it a go , cheers for replying


I’ve copied to script in the php file but I don’t know how to use the GET syntax in php . have you got an example of how to use the GET statement please?

I’m a beginner to this but want to learn

Many thanks



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