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muchas gracias por aceptarme en su comunidad


Is there a way for developers to create accounts to ensure they operate correctly within their apps? In other words, full use testing for authentication, and other purposes.



Unfortunately not at this time, you’ll need to figure out a way to test that separately.


Is there a way of tweeting from these test accounts?


The accounts will keep tweeting of their own accord – there’s no way to make them tweet something specific. If you’re looking to test the API response given to statuses/update, you can mock the response by taking the result of a statuses/show call from one of the tweets issued these users.


Would you be able to create a fav from one of those two test accounts that have long ids please? Perhaps have one fav the other one?


Sure, I’m going to do that right now.


Performed a variety of fav-related activities between the two accounts.


Can Any One Help me out
plz tell me is that really possoible to create twitter app for subdomain website
thanx in advance


It’s possible to create a Twitter app for a lot of things. If you’re wanting to use our REST API and need to use OAuth 1.0A, it’s possible to set custom callbacks that redirect to specific subdomains in your control.


Currently I m testing For only one subdomain ,
but getting one issue , after callback i m getting blank page


I m using smarty for my site , with using following code :
$twitterObj = SocialAuth::init(‘twitter’);

        $token = $twitterObj->getAccessToken();
        $twitterObj->setToken($token->oauth_token, $token->oauth_token_secret);

        // save to cookies
        SocialAuth::setSessionData('oauth_token', $token->oauth_token);
        SocialAuth::setSessionData('oauth_token_secret', $token->oauth_token_secret);
        $twitterInfo= $twitterObj->get_accountVerify_credentials();
		$json_res = json_decode($twitterInfo);
         * Prepare data inorder to send it to the complete registration page
        $dataArr = array(
            'type' => 'twitter',
            'name' => $twitterInfo->name,
            'username' => $twitterInfo->screen_name,
            'email' => $twitterInfo->email
        //Redirect main page for user data ceck from db
        SocialAuth::redirectParentWindow('twitter', $dataArr, $_COOKIE['ref']);


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