Discussion for "POST geo/place endpoint deprecation in REST API v1.1"


On December 2nd, 2013, the endpoint [node:10307, title="POST geo/place"] will be deprecated and will cease to function. This means that Twitter apps will no longer be able to create places via API programmatically. Place creation is used infrequently by third party applications and is generally no longer supported on Twitter. If your application utilizes POST geo/place, you'll want to remove that functionality by December 2nd, 2013. From that date, requests will return with status [node:130, title="410 (Gone) with error code 251"]

Please use this thread to discuss anything related to this endpoint retirement.


It’s a little off topic, but is there any intention to make the geolocation details less opaque for Canada? I’m in a major urban centre, and my geolocation comes up as Division No. 11, Alberta. My city isn’t even an option. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who even knows what Division No. 11 is.


What are the alternatives? Using a patchwork of existing places leaves a lot of real estate uncovered, while using a network of coordinates and radii creates tons of overlap and duplication. If you will not allow users to create new places, can you expand your current list to at least contain the polygons for all counties in the U.S.? That would at least match up with much of the existing census and state/local datasets.



Some countries did not have time to add at least the city place.

For example Kazakhstan.
A huge country. There is not a single city place.

How to add at least a city for Kazakhstan?