Discrepancy in Ads API and Dashboard



We have a problem with results received via Ads API. In dashboard we see Spent = $274.24 and in API call results there is only $162.47. What are we doing wrong?

Account name PulsePointBuzz, account id for API 2690j
Campaign name CZ: Events, campaign id for API 4ptj6

I attached the screenshot with different results.

I already tried to check sum of ALL_ON_TWITTER and PUBLISHER_NETWORK billed_charge_local_micro. it’s invalid too.


Hi, @rtblovers. Thanks for your question and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

This difference could be due to the date range specified. When passing in dates without times, the end date is exclusive. This means that setting end_time=2016_09_08 will include data through 2016-09-07, but not data for the 8th. If you use granularity=DAY, you’ll notice that the billed_charge_local_micro array only contains six elements with the specified date range. The UI includes data for the seventh day.

Please let us know if this clears things up.


In our case, It was enough to specify the correct time interval and summarize the data from the two reports with different adplacements ALL_ON_TWITTER and PUBLISHER_NETWORK.
Thank you very much for your help.