Discrepancies in Twitter Social API


i’m using the social api version 0 ,
and i saw that sometimes Discrepancies between the UI and the and the api ,
with the metrics impression , retweets and like
is the api data is he updated data ???
sometimes i got the repsonse api: the number of impression for example in the excel in twitter
is less than the number of impression from api response

for example i got data for this twittes : 731486737453568000,730761718964477000,723327984493416000

example for wrong data : from 21/04/2016 - 21/05/2016
i got likes 20 for 731486737453568000 from the UI(exported excel),
and from the api 731486737453568000 i got 15 likes

it not time zone issue because even after i send from the api between 19/04/2016-24/05/2016
i got missing data 20 in the ui (excel reported) compared to 15 in api response

Thanks on advance,


Can you confirm, are you using the Ads API? When you refer to differences between the UI and the API, do you mean the metrics reported on ads.twitter.com vs those you are retrieving via the API?


even with version 1 we got wrong data
im using
https://analytics.twitter.com/ and between the api
and there option to export excel


OK so the Ads API (version 0 and version 1) is not the same as the analytics.twitter.com dashboard.

If you are looking for data on the engagement metrics shown on the Analytics dashboard, see the Gnip Insights API. What you are retrieving from the Ads API relates to the engagements in promoted Tweet campaigns.


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Hi andypiper,
Thanks for your reply,
do you mean orgainc tweet (you said promoted tweet ) ???
and the entity that i send in the api is organic_tweet