Disable twitter cards of specific content


Is it possible to prevent twitter cards on specific content? (such as twitter:card = none) At the moment if you remove the twitter:card tag it automatically falls back to the summary type and we don’t want to have to remove all of the open graph tags.

Alternatively is it possible to remove our website to no longer participate in Twitter cards?


It is currently not possible to prevent cards on specific pages if you have them for your domain (but it’s a good idea, I think it makes sense).

Send me an email at my username at twitter dot com to discuss the details of your specific domain.


Any updates on this functionality?


Is there a way to disable the View Summary from a tweet, even if the page itself does not have any Twitter Card meta data on it? We’re getting charged for ad clicks if the person clicks View Summary rather than when they click through the tweet to the website. Does View Summary display simply by having open graph data on a page?


I’ve wanted to do this for ages. Somebody please tell me is it now possible after almost 5 years?