Directing user to returns fail whale (over capacity) page


When directing user to with a oauth_token parameter, the URL responds with the fail whale (over capacity) page. This is code that has been working for many months. Pretty sure the URL is correct. I’ve also compared it to the URL generate by another app which displays the login screen correctly. Have been this way the past 24 hours, but the authorize URL work briefly a couple of hours ago.

Any idea what’s wrong here?



Can you share the consumer key you’re using when you experience this? Do you experience any issues with oauth/request_token? Does this happen for all of your end-users or only some?


Consumer key: p1muz6TUlHMnj54ap7iHQ

No problem with oauth/request_token. I’ve tested this with several different connections (IP addresses) as well as heard from end users. When it happens to me, the issue can be reproduced continuously with my app, but it works every time with the another app by another 3rd party developer during the same time period. I made sure to test this over 10-20 minutes.

Just tried as I was typing this. It’s happening again.

PS: Saw someone posted something similar