Direct Messages with Multiple Recipients are not returned



Direct Messages that contain more then one Recipient are not returned. When making a call to either GET direct_messages or GET direct_messages/sent.


The Group Direct Message functionality is not currently part of the public API, so this is expected behaviour.


Hi @andypiper do you know if this is currently on the roadmap for somewhere down the line to have an API for this?


I’m aware of how strongly some of you would love to see this, but right now it wouldn’t be reasonable for me to set an expectation that it is part of a roadmap - certainly a known request on our list, but nothing I can say in terms of future plans at the moment.


Hi Andy, is there a formal process for a company to become a partner with Twitter to gain access to private API’s? My application current has this type of relationship with both LinkedIn and Facebook for the same reasons I’m asking you.