Direct messages web intent


Are you guys planning on releasing a Direct Messages web intent anytime soon?


We actually do have one, but we’re not totally sold on documenting/supporting it as part of the platform without a fuller idea of use cases. DMs are a slightly curious piece of the Twitter platform at the best of times (and in the unauthenticated environment on Web Intents, it would be difficult to provide cues on whether a user can/can’t DM another user), however a basic interface to send them with fallback to public @mentions is possible.

Personally I’m game for it (which—sadly—isn’t a promise) but would love to hear your thoughts on how you’d use it. What kind of interactions do you want to put in your site/app that we should support here?



I currently have a web app that works as Twitter Incident management platform - Community managers can create twitter search streams and then choose one or more tweets that will become Trouble tickets to be solved. Before the tickets are closed, i’d like to give community managers an option to reply to a ticket’s twitter user(s) from within the web app itself through web intents (this way they don’t have to have another app open just to do this). I’m currently working with the reply intent, but my clients would like to have a DM feature - this way they don’t have to spam their account’s timelines with ticket resolutions and are able to send some sensitive information to twitter users if needed.


@benward building a twitter-based app myself, and I want to deal with all app-related support stuff through DMs.