/direct_messages started returning error 93


A subset of the users of our app started getting an error code 93 when calling /direct_messages but nothing has changed. What would be the cause of it? Why would only affect some users?


We’re aware of this with a couple of other apps (thread here). It is unclear at the moment how and why the DM permission bit on the OAuth user token is somehow being “lost” in these cases.

Are you able to provide any sense of the size of the subset?


So far we have had 105 user reports


Noted, thank you (added to our ticket internally).

I can only apologise for this inconvenience to you and your users as we continue to look into it in more detail…

One workaround that seemed to work for some other apps was to have the user re-authenticate (thus, presumably, getting back a token with all three permissions again). That’s annoying, but it may help mitigate while we look at what is happening.


Thanks Andy. Keep me posted.


Any update on this issue?


Covered by this announcement. Thanks for your patience.