Direct messages permissions suddenly revoked for only some accounts through my app, and only for GET direct_messages/sent and GET direct_messages/show


Here’s what I know so far.

As of 12:33 EST 04/14 and probably sometime before that, some accounts authenticated through OAuth on my app suddenly started getting “This application is not allowed to access or delete your direct messages.” when polling the GET endpoints for direct_messages/sent and direct_messages/show. This behavior was not observed before 6PM EST 04/13.

I haven’t changed any code related to fetching direct messages, and haven’t changed my app’s permissions. It’s always been read, write, and direct messages.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the affected accounts. Hopefully you guys can figure it out soon!

/direct_messages started returning error 93

Hmm. Sounds weird. Doing what we can to investigate, but not aware of specific broader issues right now…


I’m attempting to re-add accounts to the app, and even on brand new accounts I’m getting the same error. I haven’t touched app permissions, which still read read, write, and direct messages.

I’ve tried changing permissions then changing them back again. That hasn’t worked either.

Only one of my accounts is able to successfully fetch direct messages from both endpoints. Like I said, there’s no rhyme nor reason to this issue…


@andypiper in situations like this, is it ok to make another app in the manager and transfer over to that key and secret?


I know this is incredibly frustrating for you and more importantly for your users. I’m not been working this weekend or today but please give me a day or so more to look into this as I cannot promise that creating a new app and transferring tokens would help, and I don’t want this to get any worse! :frowning:


Hi! Has there been any updates to this situation?


Not so far, unfortunately the only thing I’ve noticed is that this is now being seen by a couple more apps.

Still under investigation as to how and why this may be happening :frowning:


Covered in this announcement. Thanks for your patience.