Direct Message User to User Limit


Hi i read on the forums here that the limit for sending direct messages using my twitter app would be 250 .

I want to know if there a difference in the limit when sending from different users.

Example. Lets say I have 100 users on my site and i want to enable them to send 10 direct messages each.
So that would be 10 messages for every user , 1000 messages.

LinkedIn limit works like this so there you can send a message to up to 10 connections per user of application.

So is this possible on twitter or the maximum allowed in any case is 250?


Applications don’t send direct messages… Twitter user accounts send direct messages. Each Twitter account has a daily limit to how many DMs they can send other users. Your application is just a vehicle for users to send DMs to each other.

So ultimately, you could have an account represent your application and then that account would be able to send 250 DMs per day in total.


Thank u very much , that’s just what i need.
The API documentation has very short description so i wasn’t sure if it was per app or per user.