Direct message rate limit



According to the announcement on rate limit, the point where each user message reset the 24 hour window, I would like to know if a button also count for that to open an url



Hi @attouh, a user will have to reply with a DM, either by entering their own text or via quick reply in order for the 24 hour window to rest.


Hello @joncipriano, It appears problematic for a news bot which provides link for more info. Why Twitter wouldn’t consider the click on the button as a user consent to get another message? Any suggestion on how to pair the 2 concepts?



I thought Jon responded yes to your question – Quick Reply buttons just simply send a prefab message to your users.


@bobber205 Quick reply button is not url button, these are 2 differents elements even in the docs. Unless I’m wrong


Ah yes. I can see the difference now.
I don’t see why clicking on what amounts to a target="_blank" link would imply the DM count should reset.


This is really a product design discussion, so we’ll will note it as feedback for the team. One thing to consider is that just because a user clicks/taps on a button link, that doesn’t mean a user wants to continue to engage. What if they don’t like what they see or read? These are thing that need to be considered.

You could add a button AND and a quick reply to your message. The quick reply could say something like “do you want more info like this?” or “did you enjoy the article?”


Consider a breaking news bot. The DM text is a brief, and you have a link to check for more. Isn’t a click on the link a consent to receive another message? What should the receiver message in this situation?


Yes, I thought about such kind of quick reply, but it seems really really heavy for a smooth conversation. Our bot has an opt-in opt-out features, so the user can mute it anytime.


When the user clicks the link, he is just moved to the target location. Why would the user get back to hit the quick reply button? What if the bot sends the next news after 24 hours?

Maybe we need special url button @joncipriano which post a message when clicked, or maybe ability to open a link like a programmatic redirection. Somethink like “Open link?”, and if the user clicks “Yes”, trigger link opening. Just wondering…