Direct Message Limits?


Hi Twitter and anyone else reading,

Is there a rate limit on direct messages that an app can send on behalf of users?

Today I started seeing this error for several of our users (via ruby twitter gem):

“Twitter::Error::Forbidden: There was an error sending your message: We know you have a lot to say, but you can only send so many direct messages per day. (click here for more info.)”

From looking at that page it seems that the limit should be associated with the user, though the user has only sent 9 DMs today. Is there a rate limit for apps? Looking at my database it has only sent 142 messages, distributed over ~30 users today. It also did follow about 10-15 accounts on behalf of those users today, is there a rate limit that comes into play when those two are combined?



Direct Messages are not rate limited, though individual accounts have a limit on the amount of DMs they can send per day. When you ran into the limit on a user – is it one in your full control? DMs sent by the account, whether sent from your app or not, count toward an account’s allowances. Also, a “day” in the “per day” consideration in this case is a UTC day.

I’d also make sure that the library you’re using isn’t displaying you an error that doesn’t quite match the raw error message from the API – it could be that the library is giving you that message on any 403 response from the DM method, when there could be other reasons a 403 is thrown.


Hello my dm does not worked he give me error i dont nw why??


i cant send direct messeges i wolud love. to but i do not know why?


I can’t send DM to some followers,while I can to some few,what should I do,that’s annoying and weird


I have just tried to send a DM but have received a message saying that it failed to send and that it was ‘forbidden’. I haven’t sent a DM for weeks. The intended recipient follows me and I follow them. Any ideas?


I can’t send Dm


I can’t send direct messages either. I am getting very frustrated. Please help!


Why i cannot tweet or retweet always error forbidden