Direct message limit



In the docs I read that there is a limit of 1.000 direct messages sent per day per account.

Is this limit enforced for apps? I am building a bot, so reaching the limit is quite easy. I hope that registered apps have much higher limits.


Hi, i don’t think so i think the limit is 1000 dm for registered apps too. But i’d like to have a twitter staff’s opinion about it


The limit is enforced on apps, as well. There are also other limits to discourage spammy behavior. These can change over time based on how spam attack vectors change over time and are not documented. Stay tuned for more information in the near future for how apps can work within limits for use cases like chatbots.



Even without being a bot, how can one build a real app with the 5 messages limit per 24h (from


This means that for each individual inbound message, you can send 5 in response, before another one is sent. That’s across all inbound messages within the 24 hour period. I don’t think this limit is an issue. Can you please explain why you feel this is a potential issue for you?


Doesn’t it means that if the recipient does not reply within the 24h I will not be able to send more than 5 messages? Let’s imagine I receive a message, then I reply 5 times without any response, then I will not be able to send a message again:

You (1:03pm): Hey how are you?
Me (1:03pm): Fine
Me (1:04pm): Well, in fact I am fighting with new twitter API
Me (1:04pm): They updated some endpoints
Me (1:04pm): Deprecated some…
Me (1:05pm): Can we discuss about this this this afternoon, I am on a meeting right now, checking my agenda…
Me (1:05pm): Let’s meet at 3pm :bomb: 5th one, waiting for some answer so I can send message with meeting hour :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, but from the perspective of building a bot / app on the API, you’d likely expect that the recipient would respond within those 5 replies, particularly if (for example) you provided some quick replies or clickable buttons within the conversation that would generate the responses. If you’re looking for a way to send continuous Direct Messages to a recipient, then this is probably not appropriate use of the API.


Of course I expect the recipient to reply, but it will not always be the case. Anyway, 5 is really low.


I appreciate your concerns here, but we have no intentions of making changes to this rate limit.