Direct Message error 150 when both users are following each other


Hello! I’m having an issue with a web application that uses REST API v1.1’s POST direct_messages/new resource.

I’m getting error 150:“You cannot send messages to users who are not following you” very frequently even if the recipient user IS FOLLOWING the authenticating user, or when both users are following each other.

I’ve previously read this issue:
in which the official response is: “It sounds like it’s possible one of these user accounts is in some kind of corrupted state (or cache corrupted state)”

However, it’s been more than a year since that issue was reported and the problem still persists.

I’d appreciate your support on this.


I am having this same exact issue.

This seems like a recurring bug, I’ve seen it documented in multiple other cases, including your link.

Has there been any response on behalf of Twitter on this?


I am having this issue too.

How can I solve this?


I’m having this exact same issue. No joy here. I have confirm that DM’s from the website work just fine, but using the DM format of “D [twitterid] [message]” in our application does not work and returns the same error code shown in this dicussion.


I to, am getting the same issues as @richloeber


Hi All,

You can send direct message to all your followers by using one the two ways. First method is, use application to do this and second method is use wesbites for this…if you want you can read this article to get a complete idead about this

Have a nice day