Direct message APIs return invalid id


The direct message APIs are returning invalid ids for the “id” field. The “id_str” field is correct.

For example, the following query:


“id”: 387293691829686300,
“id_str”: “387293691829686272”,
“text”: “Test 1”,


A query for id 387293691829686300 results in a 404 response.


It sounds like a 64-bit integer issue… [node:1976]

Are you sure you’re looking at a raw response or are you looking at a response that has possibly been processed in some way that could have modified the response silently while consuming? (Such as a browser or Javascript-like language?)


My apologies: the problem was with a tool that was pretty printing the JSON response (and hitting the maximum integer value.) The raw response is correct:

{“id”:387293691829686272,“id_str”:“387293691829686272”,“text”:“Test 1”, … }