Difficulty with just one API call: Get Followers


Hello all,

I have been developing some twitter applications which are desktop applications for a little while (I am developing in VB.NET), and have successfully moved over all of the subs to be 1.1 compliant, with the exception of 1, the get followers request (https://api.twitter.com/1.1/followers/ids.json). This, despite my best efforts, always just returns a 401: Unauthorized.

Tweets, Direct Messages, Creating Friendships all work fine with the new API, and with the same authentication code, but I am starting to believe that there is just something wrong with this one in particular. Is it possible that some functions of the 1.1 API are not yet working?




Can you show an example of how you’re making the request? Perhaps there is a parameter you’re passing to the method with a character in the value that should be encoded but is not?