Difficulty in manually retweeting tweets that contain images - what's changed?



I’m not sure which category this falls under but I didn’t find a more General category.

Something seems to have changed with tweets that contain pictures. It used to be the case that even if the pic autopreviewed there was always a link / URL in the tweet. That meant that if you wanted to comment-RT it you just copied / pasted the text into a new tweet, added your comment, pruned out timestamps etc and that all worked fine.

Now the URL has disappeared. It’s non-obviously findable by adding /photo/1 or 1/photo (I forget which) to the tweet’s URL. I tried this out, but while it looked like a successful commented-RT on my timeline it didn’t show up that way to someone else that could see it.

How can I comment on a tweet containing a picture when the picture isn’t included in a copy / paste of the tweet content?

Am I just meant to include the URL of the tweet I want to comment RT? I’ve found that that works fairly well so will do that until there’s a better solution.

Jo (not a dev)