Differnent Account Analytics



We are trying to build an application that has the ability to read Twitter analytics such as Follower Count, Engagements and Impressions. I know how to get the basic metrics such as followers but the “ads” metrics seem to be a mystery to me right now.

From what I believe, we need to enable the Ads API for our Twitter application even though we are not doing ad campaigns… just reading other accounts? We tried that and kept getting the “cannot authenticate any more users at this time” error.

How do we go about getting Engagement and Impression information? Do we have to have the ads API enabled? If so, how do we get the sandbox environment to work (we tired and could not create a new account)?

  1. The “developer” level of Ads API access tier has a limit of 5 tokens, you likely have already authenticated 5 times if you are receiving that error. The developer level is to build and test a tool implementation, not to run an actual solution.
  2. Engagement info for organic tweets can be retrieved using the metric group ENGAGEMENT and entity type ORGANIC_TWEET. Please see some of the FAQ documentation and new playbooks we are publishing:


I’ve been looking at the API reference documents and I’m not seeing a way to get engagement information for organic tweets. It seems I need to have an entity_id from an organic tweet?


You are able to pull engagement information for organic tweets via our API using either the synchronous or asynchronous analytics endpoint. We highly recommend using the asynchronous method because it provides for more stability and throughput to your system, as well as being the only way to fetch metrics split up by segmentation. For more details, please refer to the Asynchronous vs. Synchronous documentation.

Also, because you are pulling analytics for organic tweets, the entity_id is simply the tweet ID itself.

For more information on the analytics/metrics available, please take a look at our Metrics and Segmentation documentation.


Got it working! Thank you for the helpful information!