Different Twitter card on a Single Domian



I’m trying to implement different Twitter cards for different section of my website.

I have a Offer section that need to display the Twitter product card. I have put place all the meta for the card to work.

But already i got approval for Twitter Summary card for my website.

When i tried to test the Offer page URL under Card validation, it seems only displaying the summary.

Is there any way to put together Twitter Offer card for some pages and Summary Card for other pages?



Yes, your domain can be whitelisted for more than one card. You can reference any single card on any single page in your domain. Simply request access to the card type, then put the card type in the metatag on that page. Different pages across your site can denote different cards (e.g. the card to show when that page is tweeted).

The only limitation is that one page cannot list more than one card in the meta tags (one page = one card).


Thanks for the reply.
Can you please make the domain (digitallyhot.com) whitelisted for more cards.
Here is an example of a (http://www.digitallyhot.com/offer/seagate-2tb-internal-sata-hard-drive-rs-5585/) that have Twitter Product card added. Similar pages will only have the Twitter Product card and
All other pages on the site are having Twitter Summary card.

Please let me know if any changes to be made on them.


Please resubmit your domain to our validator (https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards/validation/validator) to request the additional card types.


Thanks for the reply. I have already validated the two different types of Twitter Cards for my site and everything seems to be working great.