Differences between oAuth and xAuth


Helo, i´m going to start an application for get tweets and store it in a database.
I´m reading lot of things about oAuth and xAuth but i can´t see relevant differences except the steps to authentication.

therefore, my question is… ¿Is there any difference in rate limit, tweets geted, etc?, ¿what limits (request, tweets per request, etc) has oAuth method?



The differences between OAuth and xAuth are just how the access token is obtained – what an access token can do doesn’t change by virtue of how it was obtained. With one exception: only access tokens obtained through web-based redirects can obtain the RW+DM permission.

xAuth isn’t granted very often any more, as your application must be in an environment where it is technically incapable of performing the web-based flow to be granted access.


thanks taylor, only one more question: ¿Which limits (request, tweets per request, etc) has oAuth method?


Limits for posting tweets and other actions aren’t rate limited per se – users have an allowance that is not reported.

Each API method in api.twitter.com/1.1/* has its own rate limit per window. Take a look at [alias:/docs/rate-limiting/1.1/limits, title=“this page”] for an accounting of those limits.


Sorry taylor but i have lot of basic questions, for example:

1- In the rates per resource´s table can see this two fields:
‘Requests allotted per user’
‘Requests allotted via application-only auth’

 The request per user is trought twitter´s web?

2- When you say “window”, what do you mean?
I´m going to use vb.net