Difference between the APIs


I need to know the difference between the APIs to choose the one is fit with my needs.

I read this page

but what is different between RESTful API and Streaming API?


REST is call and get back a response.
Streaming is realtime continuous.


If I use Premium Full-archive endpoin Is it REST and steaming at the same time?


No. The Premium Search endpoint is a RESTful (request/response) API.

There are currently no continuous streaming Premium endpoints (although these are on the roadmap.

Realtime updates are available via the Premium Account Activity API, which is delivered via webhook callbacks. This does not support a search syntax.


that is mean REST APIs are:
Premium | Search Tweets: 30-day endpoint
Premium | Search Tweets: Full-archive endpoint
Enterprise | 30-day Search API
Enterprise | Full-archive Search API
and the Streaming APIs are:
Premium | Account Activity API
Enterprise | Account Activity API


As I mentioned, the Account Activity API is not a streaming API, it uses callbacks. It also does not support any kind of search syntax.

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