Difference between Stats API and Twitter Analytics


I have some doubts about the Stats API 1.1. In a Top Tweet panel on Twitter Analytics the metrics (impressions, likes and engagement) are grouped by lifetime. The Stats API doesn’t allow requests to retrieve data from periods longer than 7 days in the same request. So, I retrieved data grouping by day using the following request pattern for the stats API.


I thought the result would be same, but the results from Stats API are different from Top Tweet panel results. Why this difference? How can I access the tweet’s information grouped by lifetime?

Thanks in advance. `


The data from the Ads API is distinct from what you see in the Analytics dashboard, since it refers to campaigns rather than to Tweets generically. If you want to see data for “all / any” Tweets owned by an account, you’ll need to use the commercial Gnip Engagement API, which will more accurately mirror the information you see in analytics.twitter.com


How can I test the Engagement API? I tried to contact Gnip through its website, but the Gnip team didn’t contact me.

Thanks in advance.