Difference between accesstoken and accesstokensecret key



Can any one give me difference between accesstoken and accesstokensecret key. I am in my application using linq2twitter api(in .net) and want to set values in var credentials = new InMemoryCredentials
ConsumerKey = ""
ConsumerSecret = “”,
OAuthToken = “”,
AccessToken = “”

Just wonder what the last 2 values should have…?




OAuthToken == AccessToken
AccessToken == AccessTokenSecret

The name differences come from two different usages. OAuthToken and AccessToken come from the OAuth protocol names where, during authentication, Twitter gives you an oauth_token, that is exchanged for an access_token. As you probably already know, AccessToken and AccessTokenSecret are names that Twitter gives to the credentials on the application page, facilitating single user authorization.

BTW, LINQ to Twitter has a SingleUserAuthorizer.



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