Didn't get access to the Account Activity API


I’m still getting the “You’re on the waitlist!” for access to the account activity api. Originally applied for access in April.

App ID: 15102031
Applied for access: Apr 16
Use case info provided: May 8

Nothing since then


Is there anything I need to do to get this done? I’ve responded to emails asking for additional use case information, but have received no response since replying.


As applications come in for a developer account, we are doing our best to quickly process those that have a well-defined use case and explain how they plan to use the APIs. Those that don’t match those criteria often require email correspondence, to understand what it is you are actually trying to do with the API, which takes us time.

Please confirm the email address associated with the @handle that you apply with and respond quickly to our review team if there are followup questions about your application.

If it has been a while since you applied, chances are that our team has sent you an email requesting more information and you didn’t respond in time. If you think this is the case, please search the email inbox of the account that is associated with the @handle that you applied with and let us know if you find it.