Didn't get access to Account Activity API, I wonder why?


Excuse me but, I’m a CS graduate who has just graduated and I wanted to do some cool apps in twitter, what’s is the problem ? I can’t find any reason to decline any kind of beta access application unless the user violates the TOS which I haven’t since i didn’t even get approved in first place ?

can you kindly check my account activity request and tell me what is going on ?

App ID : 15422448

I think the App username have the same username as mine.


Hi @AbdelrahmanMDM - Let me take a look into this for you. I’ll get back to you when I have an update.


Take your time :slight_smile: and thanks for your time , I’ve never thought a staff member would reply to my post as fast as you did.


Hi @AbdelrahmanMDM - It looks like you may have gotten access yesterday. Are you able to make requests?



@AbdelrahmanMDM - you need to log in with the account you applied with, that owns appID:15422448