Did Twitter stop sending delete notifications in the streaming API?



I’ve been collecting tweets using the follow parameter of the streaming API and had been getting the occasional delete notification, but not anymore.

I did some experimenting (following my own account and sending and deleting tweets) and it looks like Twitter isn’t even sending delete notifications anymore.

Is this true? Doesn’t this make it hard to conform to the TOS?

Not receiving delete events on filter stream. Is there any alternate way to consume delete events?

We don’t get any delete messages from a geo filtered stream either and see the same problems with the TOS.
I only get the delete messages from the sample stream. (~ 11k in 10 min)

I asked a similar question one month ago, but sadly no response yet.


Interesting. And a bummer.

So with the sample call you still get them, but with the stream you don’t. I know I was still getting them a while back, but I’m not sure when they stopped.

I also wonder why they aren’t commenting.

They could have changed the JSON format and then I could see missing them, but we just did some tests and it looks like nothing but the tweets are getting through.

If this is wide spread than everyone using the streaming API is having the same issue. They aren’t aware of the issue?
Of course, if I were Twitter and if part of the mechanism that supports TOS for end users is broken or not supported I may stay mum about it too.


I think the missing delete messages is a concept problem on the twitter side.

From my understanding works the sample stream with a logic that works with the tweet id.
The delete message contains also the tweet id, so they know which one have to be send to the user.

The filtered stream works complete different.
They use the individual filter with the 100% stream first and add a 1% filter afterwards. ( ==> limit reached msg).
With this way is it nearly impossible to send the correct delete messages to a user.
Only way that could work, is if they send us simply all delete msg. (maybe as a own parallel stream.)

So the really important question is the status of the TOS.

The wording is here very interesting.
From my understanding are we still inside of the TOS if we implement the necessary delete logic,
so we are able to delete the tweets after twitter informs us about it.
And it is not our problem if Twitter never send us a delete message.

But this is just my personal understanding and I fear Twitter has here a different opinion.

We want to use our app inside of a professional environment and the free stream is just for the first steps.
So the following of the TOS is not an optional thing for us … it is absolute necessary.

A clear statement from a Twitter staff member, would help here a lot.


I agree. I think we are obligated to deal with delete notifications. If we don’t get any, then we aren’t obligated to do anything. However, as a Twitter user this means Twitter isn’t living up to it’s side of things: if I delete one my tweets, Twitter isn’t dealing with it the way they say they should.

My understanding of the 1% is a bit different: for the streaming API with filters (follow or track) you can get up 1% of the whole stream (firehose). Since most terms/users generally generate less than 1% of the total 500+ million tweets a day, collectors of tweets ought to see rate limits infrequently. See this link:

Anyway. I do wish they would say something about delete notifications. I tweeted to a couple Twitter accounts, but haven’t heard anything.

Https://stream.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/filter.json does not send Status deletion notices