Did Twitter API ban our IP Address? Check Please!



Our news site is named Ohmynews. Our system automatically retweet up-to-date news through an twitter api app. This app consumer key is “T___________”. Recently this app is not working. We doubt that Twitter’s API server blocked our server IP. Our server IP Address is “”. Is this server banned from twitter API Service?? Please check it.


Most likely, you hit a limit - it’s 300 tweets / retweets per 3 hours. You might need to request elevated access: Update: POST endpoint rate limit enforcement moving from September 10th to October 22nd


Can you be more specific about what exactly is not working, error messages you’re seeing, etc. Are all calls failing, or just some specific endpoints?

It is very unlikely (but not impossible) that the IP would have been blocked, unless highly unusual behaviour was being detected.

Note that automated Tweeting and retweeting is covered by the automation rules.


We use old version library of TweetSharp(https://www.nuget.org/packages/TweetSharp/). We sent retweet message through of it automatically. Since several days ago, It doesn’t work on our server which ip address is “”. But it works well on local computer(It means localhost server on developer’s computer). I think it is evidence that TweetSharp library doesn’t matter But Our Server is blocked from Twitter API Service. Every api call executed on server( fail but it works well on localhost. We couldn’t check error message but We just want to know about ip ban.Our twitter url is “https://twitter.com/Ohmynews_korea”. We don’t call REST API too many times. We call it 100~200 times in a day. Did Twitter server ban our IP Address? Please check whether Twitter API server ban our ip address or not. thanks.


If every calls fails, what’s the exact error code & message?

A common thing that happens is time gets out of sync, and OAuth stops working properly - you might need to sync the time / date on the OS with ntp service to fix it, or it could be an issue with SSL certs