Did the API version 0 change Rate Limit behavior?


Since last week, we have received a lot more Rate Limit errors that we had previously, without any change to our code. In particular, the call we make to figure out if a given account has any Ads activity over a given time range started to have a “general” rate limit of 100 calls every 15 minutes (by inspection of the response headers). I am not 100% sure if it had a higher general rate limit before, or if it used to be a “cost” rate limit call, but it certainly got a lot more restrictive. I also tried a similar call on the v1 API and got the same behavior. Perhaps the rate limit changes that are mentioned in the v1 API docs got applied to certain v0 calls as well?


That is certainly unexpected behavior. Could you let us know which endpoints you’re seeing lowered rate limits on?


The endpoint in question is this one:

The response headers include:
x-rate-limit-limit : 100
x-rate-limit-remaining : 99
x-rate-limit-reset : 1459867989

At the time I made that request, the reset timestamp was about 14 minutes in the future.


Hi I’m starting to suffer this “issue”

Most destacable problem is, before we had 5.000 cost limit rate for every stats endpoint.

Now we have 100 request per 15 minutes that’s more or less 6 request per minute. In our case that we’re trying to fetch real time data for large campaigns (with thousands of ads) is a bit limiting.

If you could check this would be awesome