Did my Tailored Audience expire within the day as I expected?




I made a Tailored Audience which contains users’ idfas using Twitter Ads API.

The Ads Account id : 18ce54h9fz6
The Tailored Audience ID : 2ejdw

I read this document to do this.

I expect that all the idfas became effective at 2017-11-08 00:00:00 and expired at 2017-11-08 23:50:00 in Timezone of “Asia/Tokyo”.

So I wanted each idfa to be expired within the day.

I sent 430,885 idfas to Twitter under this setting below.


         "membership_type": "LIST_MEMBERSHIP",

The settings of the audience is below.

– 2 THE SET OF AUDIENCE SETTINGS – audience_id = 2ejdw

         "audience_size": 501,
         "audience_type": "CRM",
         "created_at": "2017-11-08T09:28:32Z",
         "deleted": false,
         "id": "2ejdw",
         "is_owner": true,
         "list_type": "DEVICE_ID",
         "name": "Audiences_expire_at_20171108_2350_01",
         "partner_source": "OTHER",
         "permission_level": "READ_WRITE",
         "reasons_not_targetable": [],
         "targetable": true,
         "targetable_types": [
         "updated_at": "2017-11-08T09:28:32Z"

I am also wondering if the “timezone” of the ads account affects to the result.

Because the format of “expires_at” value for each idfa was made “UTC” format like “2017-11-08T23:50:00Z”.

But as I got the account info using twurl , the “timezone” was set as “Asia/Tokyo”.

Is it alright if the format of the “expire_at” value and the timezone of the account are different?

Will the lifespan of the idfa be affected if the timezone was different?

Because we own many ads accounts whose timezone are mostly “Asia/Tokyo” but sometimes “America/Los_Angeles” or “Asia/Jakarta” etc.

– 3 THE ACCOUNT’S INFO – account_id = 18ce54h9fz6

    "data": [
            "approval_status": "ACCEPTED",
            "business_id": null,
            "business_name": null,
            "created_at": "2017-03-28T04:33:00Z",
            "deleted": false,
            "id": "18ce54h9fz6",
            "name": "【公式】ゲーム攻略.jp",
            "salt": "b726fe153a277f8f556a6a201eac0079",
            "timezone": "Asia/Tokyo",
            "timezone_switch_at": "2017-03-26T15:00:00Z",
            "updated_at": "2017-08-24T02:01:32Z"
    "next_cursor": null,
    "request": {
        "params": {
            "account_ids": [

I’d really appreciate it if someone can help me.


Hello @saku_yoshir,

The timezone of the account in the Ads UI, will just alter the data’s timezone when displayed in the UI (such as impressions or attributed conversions etc).

Therefore, yes the timezone of “expire_at” can be different be different from account. The timezone offset will be from UTC, and the users will expire at that time, regardless of the accounts timezone.


Thank you so much @goforbrent

So if I want my audience to expire at 23:50 on 2017-11-29 in JST timezone(UTC+09:00),I should set like below.
Am I right?



@saku_yoshir yes that is correct.

23:50 JST = 14:50 UTC


Thank you!!! @goforbrent