Developper account still under review (more than one month without answer)


No problem, let me know if you need anything from me


I most definitely will.

Thank you for your patience!



I received a new email but… they still answer to my first email I sent early August (with the first “bad” project), they don’t take in count all the others emails I sent (about the second project).

They keep talking about automated retweets (it was the project, the second is only about publishing articles and news from a website to twitter…)

I don’t know what I can do if they keep ignore my last emails and only take care about the first.
Maybe they can reject my access request ? And I will make a new



I’m sorry for the inconvenience here. Like I mentioned, your emails have not been hitting our service properly. We have a few folks investigating that at the moment, but likely didn’t receive any information about your secondary use case.

Did you receive a specific case number that you are working through with the team so I can check to see if your emails are coming through now?



I checked every email I received from developer-account at and reference is ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004A00001SiUKG:ref in the first email (same in the email subject and in the body) and ref:_00DA0K0A8._5004A1SiUKG:ref in the following emails (same in the email subject and in the body)

The case number is Case# 90134358: , but not always on the emails

You can see here all emails I received:

And here, all emails I have sent:


We are continuing to investigate what is going on here.



Still no news ?


Hi @SkywaZ. Apologies in the delay. I’ve pinged the team responsible for reviewing developer applications. I’ll let you know when I get an update.



Could you try replying to the email from a different address @SkywaZ?



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