Development suggestion



I’m an avid Twitter user.
Since I didn’t find the issue anywhere here, thought I’d post it. Perhaps, you’ll think about it.

I try to be as up-to-date, as possible, and Twitter is a perfect way to do that.
Unfortunately there are times, when I have to log out of Twitter, in order to concentrate on my other daily routines. In regards to this, my idea:
would it be possible to add a possibility to every user, to somehow “freeze” the timeline for the time, s/he is logged off of Twitter, so when s/he signs in, s/he could continue where s/he left off?
In addition, the feature should have the possibility to be calibrated, to keep track of last 10/50/100/all messages.

I don’t want to miss out on any info, what “rolls” on my timeline, but as soon as I log off, my timeline keeps moving forward.

So would it be possible to do this?

Off topic: thanks a lot for Twitter!
I just love the simplicity and absence of adverts. Should you decide to keep it that way, I’ll keep on using Twitter.


Kind regards,