Development Code Works, Live code doesn't ?!


I developed a very basic app which tweets updates from our web application using oauth and the api. I created a new account and created a new app under that account, got my API key/secret and my access token and secret and set the permissions on the app correctly. I then developed the code included the keys etc and all was fine, tweets were arriving in my new test account.

Flushed with success I logged into our live account and created a mirror image of the app, same permissons etc, generated the keys etc and updated the site to allow tweets to the live account (leaving a switch in place to flip back to the test account as required).


Retried the test, still working?

I ran some tests using a basic status update page and found the following

Update in live: “{“errors”:[{“message”:“Could not authenticate you”,“code”:32}]}”

Update in test: {“created_at”:“Thu Aug 07 17:33:05 +0000 2014”,“id”:497435272347676672,“id_str”:“497435272347676672”,“text”:“Testtest update”,“source”:"\u003ca href="……"“lang”:“en”}

I am using classic ASP although this should make a difference… I’ve checked the keys over and over and regenerated them a few times just in case… I’m wondering if there is a delay in the keys being active or is there something else going on?

thanks in advance for any suggestions