Developers account and apps


How long do I have to wait to get my developers access - I still cannot create an app to post to my Twitter feed. Seems to be going on a long time.


Hi @frogmattic - What is the @handle linked to your application?


I think I may have got this confused however, here are some details:

The website is – currently with a holding page until this task is competed

My twitter handle is either frogmattic or @frogmattic

I am basically trying to set up an app that will publish curated content to my twitter profile – see below what I should have sent, I think…!

I am integrating our post composer tool with Twitter to publish curated content from my website to my Twitter user profile. I am going to deliver my own content to my own Twitter account. I do not plan to analyse Tweets, Twitter users or their content. Twitter data is not going to be displayed.

Hope this helps – anxious to get on with my website!



Hi @frogmattic - we haven’t received any applications linked to the Twitter account @frogmattic. Are you sure you didn’t use another @handle? Alternatively, I suggest you re-apply here.


Thank you for sticking with me on this… so I thought I would re-apply to e things simple. When I click on your re-apply link and login using my Twitter credentials for that account, I can see the following:

And if I click on apps, I get the following




Hi Jonathan - let me find out with the team what’s going on here. I’ll let you know when I have more information. Thanks for your patience.


You’re a star Aurelia, thank you!

Jonathan (aka tad pole…!)


Hi @frogmattic - just an update here to let you know that the team is working on solving an irregularity, which may explain why I can’t see your application. They are aware of your case and will get back in touch once they have gotten to the bottom of this.

Thanks for your patience and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.