Developer Policy and Agreement updates for Q2, 2017



We’ve published some updates to our Developer Agreement and Developer Policy which you should review.

Some key updates:

  • Changes to how Twitter may use data from Twitter for Websites, including for advertising
    • The same choices and opt-out mechanisms for publishers continue to exist
  • Changes to how long Twitter may keep certain data from Twitter for Websites
  • Clarifications on how developers must keep content in sync with content on Twitter (if a user deletes a Tweet or protects their account, for example)
  • Clarifications to the language around User Protection and appropriate use of Twitter Content
  • More explicit limits on large-scale Tweet distribution

The updated agreement and policy are effective June 18, 2017. By using Twitter for Websites products, or any of our APIs, on or after that date, you consent to the updates.

If you use embedded Tweets or embedded timelines on your sites, you must provide your users with notice that fully discloses Twitter’s collection and use of data about users’ browsing activities on your website, including for interest-based advertising and personalization. You must also obtain legally sufficient consent from users for such collection and use, and provide legally sufficient instructions on how users can opt out of Twitter’s interest-based advertising and personalization as described here.

Please use the Rules and Policies category for questions related to these updates. You may also open a ticket with the Platform Support team via our form if you have a detailed inquiry related to specifics of our policies.

Thank you.

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