Developer Console ignores request to use Oauth even after authorizing the app


I have been experiencing a strange and infuriating problem with the Developer Console. Every time I select Oauth from the authorization dropdown menu, I am prompted to connect with my twitter account. I follow the on screen instructions to log in and allow it access. Then, it redirects me back to the application, pops up a message that says “Working” and resets the whole form… including the Authorization drop down. When I go back and re-select Oauth it makes me go through the whole process all over again. It does this every single time and it never ends. It feels a lot like the movie Groundhog’s Day.

The application appears in my Application Tab with all the appropriate access levels. When I check the top right corner of the page I can see that I am in fact logged in. I do not get any errors, except one telling me that I must choose an authentication method in order to proceed. Seeing as I need Authorization to make any api call under v1.1, this is making the Developer Console more or less useless for me, but since nobody else is reporting this problem I am assuming that means it isn’t a common issue. If anybody has any insight into the problem I’d be grateful to know.