Developer approval, team members, and existing apps



Hi! I’m trying to understand the relationship between developer accounts, invited team members, and existing apps.

I have a developer account @meetedgar_dev that I believe has been fully approved (I can create a new app). Our primary production app belongs to one of our team members, who was invited and added as an admin. Logged in from his account, he can see our production app listed in the interface, however I can’t see it listed there when logged in from my original @meetedgar_dev account. Our production app is big enough that it would be greatly affected by the new rate limits going into effect on September 10th.

I’m confused about what needs to happen next. Should he ask to transfer the production app to my original @meetedgar_dev account or will it be alright simply by his association as a team-member? Will he or I receive further information about a specific app review, or is the original developer account the review mentioned in the “New developer requirements to protect our platform” blog post?


@LeBraat can you provide any insight about my topic? I’d love some more information about how this works. I’m sure it’s a question other have as well. Thank you!


Hello @meetedgar_dev,

Tagging specific staff members does not speed up the response. Please avoid unless you are already having a direct discussion with that member.

I had to float a couple questions to a team member. We will get back to you shortly with some answers.

One thing I can answer is that we are actively working on an elevation process for the new rate limits. I will also make sure to get back to you on that.


Thanks @LeBraat, looking forward to the followup!

Just to be clear - are the new rate limits still planned to go into effect on September 10th?


You are correct. We are still planning on implementing the new rate limits on September 10th.

We just posted this announcement on how to request rate limit elevations if you are interested:


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@sgalzhrani - I’m sorry but the Google Translate of this statement is not producing anything relevant to this conversation. Can you please attempt to translate your response to english?


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We just announced that we are going to be extending the enforcement date to October 22nd.