Developer Application Still Under Review after 40 Days



I am still waiting for my application to be approved, which I originally submitted for a school project. All of my classmates were approved within days. Any ideas how long this process can take?


Hello @rylativity. Your application has reopened and an agent will get back to you in the coming days with the status of your request.



Thank you Hamza!!


Hi Hamza,

Any update on my request?




Hi @rylativity - we sent you a follow-up email on October 29th asking for more information. Please respond to this email as soon as possible for your application to move forward. You may want to check your Junk and Spam folders if the email is not in your Inbox.


Hi Aurelia,

  I have checked (and re-checked) all of my folders and do not see

an email asking for additional information. I received an email on
the 29th with a link to confirm my request, but I clicked it and
it said the application is already under review.

  Can you resend the email or is there another way to move my

application forward?




Sounds like you might be checking the wrong email address. We are reaching out to you via the email address that was associated with your @handle that you applied with at the time that you applied. If we were to resend, it would go to this same email address. Please make sure you check other email addresses that you might own for our reach-out.


I received the confirmation email on this email account, and this is my only email account. Can you please offer another way to get developer access? Do I need to reapply? Can you resend the questionnaire? It would be great if we can resolve this quickly.




I reached out to you via private message with the email address that we have been reaching out to. You should be able to review this message at


Hi LeBraat,

I checked the message you sent and it says you have been reaching out to Again, that is the correct email address (as it is my only email address), but there is no message in my inbox, spam, or deleted folders from you all on October 29 requesting additional information.

If you need me to provide additional info for approval, can you either resend the email or ask me the questions in another manner?




Hey Ryan,

We are still investigating and identifying the best path forward. If this is holding up your development, I suggest that you try to apply via a different account that has a different email address attached to it.



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