Developer Application Process


Just trying to go through the developer application process. Couple of questions:

  1. What if you are both an organisation lead developer and a personal user - you can only choose one or other of the options.
  2. Does this make my personal account tied permanently to this organisation? How do I decouple in future?
  3. What if you develop apps for more than one organisation? How do you represent this in the process?
  4. What if you have developed apps for more than one use case - there is only space for one use case on the form?
  5. image What if your organisation has a dot in its name…?




Hello Toby,

  • You can apply for an organization account using the details (username/email/etc) of the organization, and apply for a personal one with your own details. If you do this, you will have two separate accounts
  • You should use the details of the organization instead of your own. If you use your own details, there is no way to decouple/reverse this (at this time)
  • The organization name must be alphanumeric

I believe this answers the questions, but let me know if you have any more/need me to clarify.


Ok though, you haven’t answered the question about more than one use case.


The best practice here is to use a different app for your different use cases so that you can list specific use cases for each of your apps.



Yes I get that on the explanation section per app, but the developer application form is per twitter account. Hence the difficulty?




As you are working through the developer application, please make sure to include all use cases that you plan to use the account for within the given use case box. One of our agents will be able to understand that your account will be used for different use cases.


Hi Dan

Ok thanks for the pointers. I’m now kicking myself for rushing through an application for @risedotglobal without realising there wasn’t a chance to reapply!

Appreciate you guys are probably working round the clock to sort out this particular business process so some other comments which I hope help improve the process.

  • It seems odd to mash developer approval with app use case approval and client sector approval. I’d have thought these were three separate processes?

    1. are you a developer that understands and adheres to our policies.
    2. is your use case for each app within the policies.
    3. do your app policies then prevent our restricted sectors from using the Twitter portion of the app.
  • Isn’t there is a veto problem with multiple use cases on one application form? Say I have an organisation with 99 apps and 1 has a use case that you don’t approve - wouldn’t that then prevent all the other 99 from being approved as well?

  • No way to re-apply - this needs to be made really clear at the start of the process. “Warning you only have one chance to get this right!”

  • There isn’t as far as I can see, any independent 3rd party appeals process? I’d have thought having a 3rd party appeals process would be essential here - otherwise you just act as judge, jury and executioner. Doesn’t feel fair. Just a simple ombudsman service would really help. When livelihoods are at stake I do think it’s really important we provide an appeals service.

Hope this helps.




Thank you very much for providing this feedback. Our team is actively working on a new application flow, so this feedback is timely. I have passed this along to the proper team.