Developer account under review for long long time



My application is currently pending with the message “Your developer account application is pending. You may manage your existing apps but need to wait until your application is approved to create new apps. Please check the email associated with this account for updates on your developer application.”

But I couldn’t find any message in my mailbox, so I would like to contact to twitter.
How can I contact with twitter (any mail form)?


It looks like you never responded to our email from back in February of '18 that requested additional information about your use case. I’ll have one of our agents reopen it for you.


Hi LeBraat,
Thank you for your reply.
I did not responded to your email because I never received it :frowning:
I’m looking forward to contact from your agent.


We are going to be sending the follow up to the same address.

I will PM you the email address that we have on file.


Same problem with me (@jrlubas)


Let’s try.
In case of problems I will give you a new e-mail.


@AutoMapa - You should receive an email shortly if you haven’t already

Same goes for you @jrlubas


Unfortunately, there is still no mail from Twitter. Including spam folder of course.
I will send you PM message with different email.


Same applies to our account. Could you please re-send the email?


Still no mail from Twitter.


I just received notice that your case has been approved @AutoMapa


Yes. Our account is now active.
Thank you @LeBraat for your help!


Yes facing the same issue, also I received one mail that says


This is a reminder that we still need more information to process your application for a Twitter developer account. Please respond to our previous email with all requested information within the next 7 days.

Please note, your application request will be permanently closed if you do not respond by that time.

Thank you for your interest in building on Twitter.

And Nothing is remaining from our end to complete, Could you please help me out for the same!