Developer Account Approval



It has been weeks now since we applied for this (@kyckermusic) and we have not had any communication from Twitter. Can somebody tell us what is going on?

Thank you


Hi @nickwild - we sent you a follow up email asking for more information on the 19th of September and you never replied. Please respond to that email in as much detail as possible in order for your application to move forward. If you can’t find the email in your main Inbox, check your Junk and Spam folders.


Hi we never received the email and it is not in spam. In fact we are not receiving any emails from Twitter - even when we try changing the email address we do not get a confirmation. Can you send the details as a DM?


I just sent you a DM



hi something is strange we have not received it and have had no DMs since Sept 4th


Hmm, thanks for letting me know you didn’t get my DM on here. I just saw you were approved, so it looks like we’re all good! :slight_smile:



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