Developer account approval


Just want to highlight a weird thing happened to me last night I applied for twitter developer account and fortunately it got approved very fast but when I look few email up I got the email twitter can’t serve my developer use case this time

How is this even possible one email of approval and right after second. EMail of disapproval @LeBraat

Somebody care to explain what went wrong


Thanks for writing in. This does seem odd. I have reached out to your agent for clarity.


please help me get it approved i have no intention of misusing or breaching any policy i just want o integrate into my website twitter feeds because i have already created my site according to it now it will be a mess if it didnt got approved


Sir I have not got any response neither any further instruction about my case and I am patiently waiting


Hi @Cryptomarketpla - please be patient. We are still looking into this a we will be in touch with more information as soon as possible.


just to let you know i have clearly explained the reason of developer account i hope i will get approval because i need it badly in my project


This is on our agents’ radar. Please be patient.


guys you know right this post will get deleted after 15days thats why i am worried i still didnt got any email asking me for any thing


I’m seeing that we sent our last email related to your application status to on November 4th. We have reached a resolution for the application, so I’m going to close this topic.