Developer Account Access Revoked


We are evaluating Twitter as a commercial development platform with the account @familiarbot. (The lead developer has been using the Twitter API for personal use cases for 10+ years.)

We are seeing this issue when logged into

Account access revoked.
Your developer account access has been revoked. The most common cause of this is a violation of Developer Agreement and Policy.

History of this Account


  • applied for beta access to the Account Activity API
  • explained our use case will scale, that the bot will reply to mentions for access into our service
  • received an email saying that Twitter cannot support our use case at this time (no explanation as to why, and seemed odd as it seems like the market should decide, and we are not doing anything anti-twitter or problematic)


  • we decided to proceed using the Streaming API instead of the Account Activity API, taking a gamble that we’d get access to the new API
  • we decided to only test a Wikipedia Lookup Skill for now
  • the bot only replies to mentions
  • the only users during testing are two internal users

Temporary Restriction

  • we tested using the stream on a local dev machine without problems for about a day
  • we fixed our bug and deployed to a production server, again only for internal testing
  • shortly after deploying to production we were hit with a temporary restriction
  • we became pretty jaded, because we were within the Automation Rules (bot only replied to mentions)

Twitter Support

  • reported two issues using the account locked support request
  1. that our account was restricted
  2. that our developer account access was revoked

Temporary Restriction Lifted

  • Twitter Support replied today saying it looked like we got caught up in a spam group by mistake
  • The second request regarding developer account said the same thing
  • Developer Account still restricted

Remaining Problem

  • Unable to access the new developer portal (see image below)

Desired Outcome

  • We’d like our Developer Account restored (assuming this will be an important feature in the future?)
  • at least so we can apply again for the Account Activity API with an updated description of our use case


Note that this is specific to the (new?) developer portal. The apps portal appears to be unaffected, and we do still have access to the traditional API.


Is it normal to have to wait so much (one month) for getting access to the API?

Hi @familiarbot - Is your dev account under @familiarbot or something else? Can you send me your app ID?


Hi Emily @happycamper,

Sure thing, it’s 15034004 and it’s under @familiarbot.

Thanks for your help,



Hi again,

Any way we could resolve this? We didn’t do anything wrong and now that the API is publicly available we would like to explore it.

Thanks again!

Developer account approved and then revoked in an hour



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