Developer Access - Reporting



Hi I’ve received Ads API Developer Access, which is great. My intro’ email says that I’m prohibited from “exposing any Ads API functionality to external advertisers”.

I’m building a simple automated report (analytics only) for my client. The E-mail language is phrased as though it expects developers to be building full on SaaS. Which mean’s my use case seems a little different. Does this mean that I can’t develop using their current data? And, that before I start running the reporting it has to be approved by Twitter?

If so is there an alternative solution?


Hi @craft_intel,

Since you are building a reporting platform, you can focus on building just the reporting capabilities. Will your clients be able to log into your application to pull automated reports that would display on your platform?

We generally don’t allow partners in the Developer level, which is why we cap your OAuth tokens at 5 tokens. If you have a client willing to test with you in this phase, you can go ahead and do so. Once you have a working product, please schedule some time with us at to review your product to move forward!